Seeking direction…

Another day has come and gone and still I sits and thinks…..   Circumstance has not allowed me to get anywhere near either palette or canvas for the last few days. Maybe this is a good thing; because despite not being able to smear or scrape, I have definitely kept my beady little eye on those previously made marks while going about my daily chores and I’m slowly conjuring up the chutzpah to tackle it head-on. I need distance from the work…not as in metres, but mental distance…because when I’m actually painting I can’t, and mostly don’t want to, see the wood for the trees. I find it gets in the way of the process. I need the process to show the way, not some fucked-up-preconceived idea of what the painting should be (about). It’s important that the painting…any painting…doesn’t reveal itself too soon, to either author or reader. The longer it takes the deeper it gets. Perhaps tomorrow things will be more conducive to pushing paint.


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